I’m such a hopeless romantic. I love those movies where the guy always gets the girl, and the final scene is always of them kissing as the camera zooms away, the happy music appears and the credits begin to scroll up the screen. There’s something so desirable and beautiful about a happy ending; I think it’s something we all want for ourselves deep down.

But why do we want a happy ending? Is it because it’s something we think we can achieve if we make the right choices in life or is it because a part of us knows it’s unattainable? But surely if we believed that we wouldn’t waste our time wanting it in the first place. But then again, I’m sure we all want to be millionaires even though we know this isn’t realistic and will probably never happen. So why do we continue to desire things that we know we can’t have easily or not at all?

Realistically, I don’t know what my chances are of a happy ending but I’ve always been such a romantic with my rose tinted glasses permanently attached to my face. Why see the world as a dark, negative place when you can see it full of beauty, love and happiness? That question seems kind of like a no-brainer to me, and yet there are so many people who willingly choose to see the world as a bitter and dark place every day of their lives. The world will be kind to you if you are kind to it…that would be my advice to those people.

I think a happy ending is the mark of a happy, successful life. How could it not be? If you end up with someone that you truly love and are with them for a really long time to come, surely that’s the mark of a really fulfilling and beautiful life. That’s what happy endings represent in my mind and it’s something that I really want for myself. I want to be fortunate in love because I know that I deserve to. I want my life to be tied up with a neat, pink bow towards the end of it.

I do everything I can to be a good person and make the right decisions. I’ve chosen to open my heart to those around me and be kind-hearted with my words and the way I treat others. I’ve chosen to help them, stay with them and supported them while they’ve gone through the darkest days in their lives and often not received any appreciation or gratitude in return. I’ve given so much of myself to other people and all of it has come from a pure and genuine place; my heart. So overall, I think that I’ve done a lot in my twenty years to deserve a happy ending. That’s my justification for it, anyway.


Lucy Rebecca x


  1. For me, I think it’s more of a belief thing. Like if you have enough faith or you believe hard enough then maybe, just maybe, it will happen for you.
    Happy endings are different for everyone. Some crave love, others success. And some people want both or neither.
    Mostly, if you have something to look forward to, if you can keep anticipating your Happy Ending, then it makes it easier to get through tough times and life in general.

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  2. Good luck to you! There’s six billion people, enough for everyone, but it’s a real struggle to find that special person. I know I was lucky, and I’m grateful for that.
    My advice for you is don’t go looking for love. If it’s real, love will find you 🙂
    Looking for it will only disappoint you

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  3. Most of us desires a happy ending, but not all of us are willing to work on it…even happy relationships are tested with trials… If you found the love of your life, just remember to keep the respect for each other, to be forgiving to each other, to be understanding and compassionate…If you could keep all that in addition to your love for each other, I can say that happy endings do not just happen in fairy tales! Cheers to your future happy ending! 🙂

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  4. This is beautiful. It was like reading my own life!! I’m holding out for a happy ending but not banking on it because can we really control those things in our lives? It would be nice to think a higher power is checking on us thinking, she’s done and doing so much good she deserves a happy ending! Hope you get y our happy ending!! 😀 xxx

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