When you look outside all you see is jagged, shards of glass scattered in every direction on the concrete ground. You don’t know why they’re there, and although a part of you wants to find out, another part of you tells you that you won’t like what you see once you do. The sight is ugly with pieces of sharp glass in places they don’t belong.

Going against your better judgement you decide to find out anyway. You can’t help it; you’re curious to know what all these pieces of glass are doing strewn around the streets.

It’s only when you step outside into the chilly, frosty air that you see others are also doing the same thing…probably filled with the same curiosity that you are. They are stepping outside of their houses, being very careful where they step as no one wants a piece of unforgiving glass stuck in their foot.

There is a piece of glass lying close to your shoes.  The sharp ray of sunlight reflects off it, catching your eye and temporarily blinds your vision. You shield your eyes for protection and bend down to look closely. For a second you can’t believe what you’re seeing. It’s a pretty accurate image of you doing what you’ve always dreamed of.

It’s like when we were children and everyone asked us what we want to be when we’re older.  Your answer to this famously common question is staring you in the face inside of a piece of jagged, broken glass lying on the pavement. You look at the crooked lines that snake through every direction, right towards the very edges. Because of this the image inside the glass is split into uneven pieces.

You look up to see that everyone else around you is also looking down at the piece of glass in front of them, and without being able to see exactly what they’re seeing, you just know it’s the same thing as what you are currently looking at. The piece of glass they have has a similar image but it’s them inside, not you. You realise that each piece of glass on the ground is personal to the person who’s peering into it. Each one holds meaning that only the person looking at it can understand.

You wonder how all these pieces of glass got here. You look up at the sky but shake your head at the thought of them falling from the sky. If that was the case, everyone here would have seen shards of glass piercing and slicing through the air as well as the deafening sound of it smashing against the concrete.

You don’t want to touch the glass; it looks like it’s only just holding together in one piece. If you tried to pick it up it would break with a single touch and the intact image inside would be separated forever.

Broken dreams lie all around you. They represent the hope you held once to do what you love, a dream you so badly wanted to achieve and make yours, but which came crashing down as a result of failure and misfortune. Every single person around you can relate to this in their own way; they have their own emotional connection with the jagged piece of glass in front of them. No one dares to move and a deathly silence fills the air. Everything is completely still and for a second you truly believe time has stopped. You stayed crouched as you observe the mass amount of broken dreams which connects you all.


Lucy Rebecca x

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