Hold my heart in your hands and be gentle with it. It’s fragile like crystal; it would smash if you dropped it and there would be no way of putting it back together again. I trust you with all my heart so please be careful – take care of it like your life depends on it.

Watch my heart fall from your careless hands. Watch it break into a thousand tiny pieces, scattering all over the floor in every direction. Look at the ugly, broken shards that are left from what used to be a hopeful heart that I trusted you to look after.

Don’t get down on your knees to pick up the pieces. Don’t try to slide each small piece back together again. Don’t pretend you want to fix something you don’t care about. You’ve done enough damage.

Turn around and walk away. Let me watch you walk away, leaving me with my broken heart on the floor. Leave me to pick up the pieces and clean the mess up. Let me blame myself and take all the responsibility. Let me cry myself to sleep at night amongst endless sleepless nights. Let me hold the broken pieces in my arms, right where the hole in my chest is. Let me try to put myself back together again as tears stream uncontrollably down my face. Let me try to forget about you, until your memory fades into an empty, blank space in my mind.


Lucy Rebecca x

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