For as long I can remember I’ve been pretty much obsessed with wedding dresses. I would constantly draw my dream wedding dress when I was about 10 years old, and for so long it looked exactly the same in terms of style and detail. It was a beautiful strapless style with embellishment on the bodice and a tulle skirt. I dreamed of looking like a princess and this was my ‘princess’ style dress that I wanted to have so much.

I’ve stopped doing that now that I’m older, but I still think about what it would be like every now and again. For such a romantic girl I think it’s only natural that it would continue to cross my mind even as I get older. I’m definitely a dreamer; I love to get lost in my thoughts and let my mind go to another place while my imagination takes over. Why should we be so logical and realistic when dreaming and fantasising is so much more imaginative and fun? I think we should be encouraged to dream and get lost in our thoughts instead of always being so grounded, strict and self-disciplined.

I’ve started looking at other wedding dress styles, choosing to move away slightly from the one I’ve always pictured growing up. I still love that particular style, but it’s supposed to be one the most significant and amazing days of our lives, so why not look at all the other styles first before settling on the final one?

I didn’t realise there were so many different styles, but I guess it’s not really a surprise when you think about it. I’ve been looking at so many different ones that I honestly don’t know what I’ll end up choosing as my final dress. I love the ‘mermaid’ or otherwise known as ‘trumpet’ styles wedding dresses because they’re so flattering and figure hugging around the bodice and waist, then flare out around the skirt and/or hem to give it an overall amazing shape. Tulle would be perfect for the flare because it’s so delicate and beautifully light.

I absolutely love bodycon dresses (in fact I will not buy nor go near a dress if it’s not a bodycon style) because they make my body look amazing, accentuating all the right places. I think it would be amazing if my wedding dress had this kind of style; it would make my body look incredible the way it’s so flattering and fitted and the sweetheart neckline is such a gorgeously feminine look. I also like it because it’s more of a modern interpretation of a wedding dress, so it’s quite sexy, sophisticated and something a little bit different to what you might expect a wedding dress to look like.

The other style I love is more traditional, and it’s definitely more like the original idea I had when I used to imagine my dream wedding dress. It’s a strapless style with some sort of embellishment or light detail on the bodice – which is so flattering the way it would hug your bust and waist – and from the waist down it would be delicate chiffon (possibly in small ruffles for a soft waterfall effect) or classic tulle.

Either way, I want a wedding dress that will be flattering and fitted so that it compliments my petite size and small frame. I think it’s important for smaller or short women to not end up looking ‘swallowed up’ in the dress and to remember that you’re wearing the dress, not the dress is wearing you. You want to look back at all the amazing photos from your special day and feel that the dress was perfect for your proportions and fits you in all the right places.

For makeup, I think I would want to wear either a really great mascara or maybe false eyelashes (the smaller, natural ones) with a classic matte red lipstick, which would be the statement area of the whole makeup look. Aside from that, maybe just a bit of pretty blush and/or bronzer with a light hand to give my cheeks a bit of subtle but effective colour.

It might seem like a bit far off now considering I’m only 20, but I don’t think it’s ever too early to start thinking about one of the most important and special days of my life. After all, dreaming about all of it is so fun and exciting, so why not?


Lucy Rebecca x


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