San Marco, Venice


Nearly two years ago I was exploring the beautiful cobbled streets of Venice, getting lost in the serene canals with delicate gondolas gliding under each small bridge that I passed over. Although it was mostly 0 – 5 degrees most days (leaving New Zealand during its hottest month only to be plunged into the middle of Europe’s bitter winter), it was such an amazing place to be that I couldn’t help but smile at how lucky I felt to be there and to finally appeal to my insanely wanderlust mind that often spends its days daydreaming of being somewhere like Venice. I remember sitting in San Marco on my last day, looking up at the beautiful St Mark’s Basilica bathed in golden rays of sunlight, and only wishing that I could bottle up everything that is Venice and take it back with me to New Zealand

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  1. It is a beautiful city. Been there twice now for a total of almost 3 weeks and stayed in apartments both times. The second trip I stayed away from the touristic spots to get a feel of what it would be like for the locals. It is my second favorite city in Italy so far, with Naples still retaining the number one spot. But thankfully Italy is only a 2 hour flight from Istanbul so I go there every year.


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