Thank You

Thank you so much for following me ♥

I honestly did not think nearly 600 people would care about my life or the kind of things that I write about and it makes me so happy to know that you do.

Thank you to everyone who has ever commented on my posts since I started my blog. I don’t think I’ve ever had one negative comment from anyone, no one has given me hate or judged me for anything that I’ve written about. Initially I was a bit hesitant to start writing my thoughts just because I didn’t know how people would respond, but I can honestly say that I feel like I could write about anything and you would continue to be supportive and kind. I honestly can’t believe how kind, genuine and reassuring you all are – it’s pretty amazing to me.

Most (if not all) of the things that I’ve written about have been really quite personal to me and things I have never told anyone in real life, and it’s easily something that could’ve gone the complete opposite way in terms of people responding negatively. You’re always there to give me encouragement and positive feedback as well as reading what I’ve written that day.

I only ever want my blog to be a really positive place and it has become that because of every single person who has contributed in one way or another, whether you follow me, like my posts, comment on them or just like to read what I write. I read every single comment that you leave on my posts and I love knowing that you are there, even though I’ve never met you or anything.

I understand that this might just seem like a blog to you and not really a big deal, but for me this is like my diary as I’ve written about my various parts of my life, my thoughts and just overall so many things that are so personal to me. I haven’t even told people that I know in real life about this blog simply because it is so personal (well, maybe I’ve told one or two people but even that was pretty hard for me to do) and sometimes my insecurities get the best of me and remind me to keep it to myself.

If you ever want me to write about something in particular, please just use my Contact page to ask and I might write a post about it. It’s important to me that every single person knows the real me so don’t ever hesitate to ask me anything ♥


Lucy Rebecca x



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