Fashion Favourites


This post is dedicated to some of my most favourite and loved fashion pieces. Being someone with a serious online shopping addiction, I’m always buying new clothes to the point where I’ve actually considered giving my debit card to someone to hide from me because I literally don’t even trust myself with it sometimes. It’s something about knowing that it’s there it makes me want to use it all the time!

Double breasted jacket


The first thing that I love so much and have been wearing every winter and autumn for literally the last three years, is a double breasted jacket in a vibrant red. The length stops just below my hips so it’s kind of between a coat and a jacket, but it is pretty thick so most of the time I think of it as a coat. I’m a huge fan of black, but sometimes I love to mix it up by wearing something bright and bold like a red coat.

Coats and jackets in a bright colour allows it to be the statement piece of your outfit, and also you can get away with having the rest of your outfit completely black, since it’s a great contrast with the brightness and creates the perfect contrast. I highly recommend you buy a coat or jacket in a fire-engine red or something equally as bright and use this as your statement piece in your outfit.

The jacket in the photo is the best match I could find for mine and that I’m referring to in regards to the fit and the shape, but ideally it will be a plain red jacket with no pattern or print on it. Mine is plain red and I think the fact that it is plain means it can be worn with skirts or pants that have a pattern or print so it makes it more versatile to wear.

High leather boots


The second thing that I can’t get enough of is high boots. The kind that I have been wearing and buying more of for the last few years is boots that are in between calf length and knee length (they stop just before my knees). I’m 5’3, so quite short and petite, and although I love the look of long, skinny knee length boots I’m just never going to be able to wear these and pull them off because I’m simply not tall enough and they would just end up swallowing me. That being said, calf length boots don’t always look flattering as they can often look like an awkward length and too short. So my solution is to find a pair that’s in between calf length and knee length – which just happens to be absolutely perfect.

I like the skinny kind as these are the most flattering if you have thin legs and ones that stay close to your legs when you’re wearing them – if they veer outwards it can look a little bit like you’re wearing gumboots.

I always try to choose a pair that is two-toned as it gives the boots a bit of variety and makes them a bit different from ones that are solely leather or made from one material. They can also give your legs more shape if you find a two-toned pair where the leather comes up higher at the front than the other material at the back. The difference in height of these two different materials is definitely something to try and look out for.

Leather ankle boots

sLeather ankle boots are perfect for in between seasons like spring and autumn when it can be warmish but you still want to wrap up if there’s still somewhat of a chill in the air. One advantage of wearing ankle boots is that they show off more of your legs and outfit whereas high boots tend to cover more of what you’re wearing.

I love platform style ankle boots for the height that they give short people like myself, and because both the front and back are elevated it provides a flattish level for your feet. This, of course, means that you don’t have to worry about your feet getting sore or feeling uncomfortable inside the shoes, which can be a nightmare if you’re wearing them for a whole day or a long amount of time.

I prefer styles with a chunky, wide heel at the back instead of the skinny heel stiletto style because I feel that you have way more balance, control and grip which the other style obviously lacks. You also don’t have to worry about a chunky heel snapping or breaking, like boots with a thin heel might, and therefore you know that they will last you a much longer time in terms of wear and use.

The boots in the photo are the exact ones that I have and am referring to, although I actually took the tassels off because I was sick of them flipping around every time I took a step. Tassels look cute but in my opinion they’re super annoying the way they keep moving and hitting against your legs when you walk.

Fitted leather jacket


I’ve been obsessed with leather jackets ever since winter started, although sometimes it does take a while to find one that’s the style and fit you want. That being said, it’s worth taking the extra time to find because once you find one that fits you really well, it just looks amazing and you can get so much wear out of it.

One of my favourite outfits is to wear a leather jacket with jeans and the high boots mentioned above. The blacks in the outfit tie together and maintain that cohesiveness that every amazing outfit should have.

The jacket in the photo is the one that I have and the reason why I love it so much is because it’s a petite fit. So much of the time, jackets are too big and baggy on me because they are made for the average sized person, not for people who are more on the petite side and of a small frame. It annoys me how so much of the time petite people are forgotten about when it comes to clothes, so finding a petite jacket made me feel very special.

This jacket was part of a petite range and because of that it’s incredibly fitted and flattering that I’ve just been wearing it so much. As far as leather jackets go, this one is quite light so it would be good for those in between seasons like spring and autumn, but also possibly on a cooler in summer as the lightness means it’s breathable and you’re not going to get too hot.

Faux fur jacket


This jacket will always be one of my favourites because not only do I absolutely love it but I brought it in Florence when I was in Italy. I saw it in Zara in Verona, I didn’t buy it straight away but during the rest of my trip I came to realise that I should have done because I couldn’t find it at any of the other Zara stores. Hence, I picked it up straight away when I found it again in Florence. You might have even seen me wearing this in some of my travel photos from Italy.

I love a faux fur jacket that is so soft and feels super luxurious, not only to physically feel but to wear as well. This one is so thick that it keeps me so warm in the coldest months and I can honestly say that I’ve worn it every winter since I brought it. I can’t remember how expensive it was because it was in Euros and I couldn’t be bothered covering the cost to NZD, but in a way it doesn’t matter as I’m sure it’s paid off in terms of cost per wear.

I highly recommend buying a faux fur jacket if you’re someone who loves to wear a statement piece that makes them feel super glamourous and luxurious at the same time. If a leather jacket isn’t your style and you prefer something a little more soft and feminine, a faux fur jacket or coat might be something you should think about getting!

Faux fur leather jacket


Also from Zara in Florence, this is another one of my favourites simply because it is so different from any other jacket that I’ve seen. Yes, lots of people have faux fur jackets now but who has a jacket that looks like this (besides me, obviously)? I think the mixed materials makes it really unique and a special piece. It has a gorgeous faux fur middle to give it a certain softness contrasted against leather sleeves which gives makes it feel smart and edgy. That’s what I like about it; it can be lots of different things and isn’t restricted to just one kind of style.

The reason why I notice this so much in this particular jacket is because my style is quite like that in real life. Some days I’ll want to be girly and incorporate soft shades of pink into my outfit, other days I’ll want to be bold in a vibrant jacket that you can’t miss even in a crowd of people, other days I’ll want to look daring and edgy in a leather jacket and leather boots.

I have so many different styles and it all just depends on how I feel like dressing that day. So you can imagine why I would be so drawn to a jacket that represents multiple styles and looks and why I would feel the need to have this in my wardrobe!

Cat eye sunglasses


One of the reasons why I love cat eye sunglasses so much is because of Audrey Hepburn, obviously. But probably the biggest reason is because they are one of the only styles of sunglasses that look good with my face shape. In the past I’ve always had trouble finding sunglasses that suit me and was wearing oversized bug-eye styles for many years which I totally regret because they weren’t right for me at all. Cat eye sunglasses are amazing for creating the illusion of angles and sharpness, and I can’t imagine myself ever choosing another style over these.

I don’t go anywhere without my favourite pair, but keep extra pairs at home because my last ones actually broke in my bag just the other week. Sunglasses are more likely to break or snap if you keep them in a bag, so if you tend to do this it’s always good to buy a few extra pairs that you love just as much as the ones you currently wear so that you’re always ready to replace them if necessary.

In terms of colour, personally I will probably only ever buy black or tortoiseshell. Black can look really nice with pale skin as it contrasts really well, and dark hair as it provides a great colour match. Tortoiseshell is also good if you prefer lighter sunglasses over dark (sometimes this can look a bit heavy if you have a small face) and adds a bit of colour to your outfit, especially if wear black a lot like me. I have both of the ones in the photo above.

High waisted skirt 


For the last few years I have been constantly wearing black high waisted skirts because they are just so incredibly versatile. First of all, I feel like black is just the most versatile colour to wear anyway so that helps a lot, but secondly, a high waisted skirt can be paired with just about anything and still look amazing.

I suggest anyone with an hourglass or pear shaped figure (I’m in between the two) should buy a high waisted skirt immediately as I’m 99% certain that you’ll love it just as much as I do. I brought mine off Tobi a few years ago and literally still wear it to this day so it definitely helps if you can find one that is fairly good quality so that it can last you a long time without showing signs of wear.

I have found that high waisted skirts look the best with crop tops. The reason why I say this is because crop tops show off your midriff, so if you’re on the petite side and have a naturally small waist it will accentuate this area of your body. On the other hand, even if you’re not petite you can still look amazing in a high waisted skirt because they’re great for showing off your natural curves – that’s if you want this kind of look of course!


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