• Love what you do

Don’t get too caught up in all the reoccurring things that you have to do. Make time for yourself and do something that you love and that you feel passionate about. Then, find reasons to love the other things that you have to do all the time that might feel like a hassle so that you can see at least one positive aspect of everything that you have to do. This is a great way to eliminate negative thinking patterns, as well.

  • Find ways to help others

Though blogging is my job, I go about it in a way that allows me to help others and this contribution to other people’s lives (no matter how big or small) makes me feel good about myself because I know that I’m helping them in any way that I’m able to. I help by giving advice on things that I know about or that I have personally experienced, hoping that readers will learn a thing or two from my posts which will help them in their lives, if possible.

  • Think about your life

This comes naturally to me because I’m someone who thinks a lot and tends to analyse situations, even when I probably don’t need to. Even when I’m just lying in my bed at night or when I’ve just woken up, I think about my life and about any problems that I might be having or anything that’s bothering me. I try to find solutions to these problems by thinking about what I can do to make it better for myself.

  • Stay open-minded

Though I’m a very stubborn person, I try not to let this cloud my judgement and lead me to become narrow-minded or closed-minded. Instead, I try my best to stay open-minded and think about something from different aspects instead of simply deciding it’s one thing or another. I don’t think we should get into the habit of seeing everything in black and white when the world is so clearly made up of many different colours.

  • Know what you want

Maybe it’s not possible to know what you want every single second of every day, but for the time and day that your in right now it’s worth having an idea for the sake of being ambitious and having goals and other things that you want to achieve. I don’t think we can continue going down the right path in our lives if we’re muddled with confusion in regards to what we want. I can only imagine that you will be left stumbling around, trying to find your way but finding it pretty impossible without a clear direction to go in.

  • Speak your mind

I’m suddenly finding myself being way more assertive and outspoken that I ever have been before. Being a quiet, shy and introverted person I’ve never been one to speak up or voice my opinion, even if I wasn’t okay or happy with something going on. However, since being more assertive and speaking up about things that I feel strongly about or am passionate about makes me feel like I’m becoming stronger and it’s a pretty empowering feeling.

  • Find ways to work on yourself

Realising when you make mistakes, what they were and why they are in fact mistakes is a great way to knowing how to work on yourself, since you can try to learn from a mistake you made. Know your insecurities and find ways to eliminate them by working on yourself and staying open-minded to change and personal growth. Know what your strengths and weaknesses are and find ways to work on the latter.

  • Know what’s important to you

Have an understanding of what’s important to you personally in life and try your best to make sure you always have your priorities in order. Don’t get too caught up in anything by remembering what’s important to you and why it’s so important to you. Your life should only contain things that you feel is important and worthy of being there and having its own place.



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