One of the things I love so much about yoga is that it always leaves me feeling so calm and mindful afterwards. You can be having the worst day you’ve had in a long time, come home and do some yoga and instantly feel so much better.

A few stretches for 10 minutes a day might not seem like much at all, and in fact I was often thinking this when I first started as well, but it definitely goes a long way in terms of making you feel good and healthy as well as doing your body a world of good. This means that you don’t necessarily have to set aside a whole hour to do your yoga practise per day (although you can if you want to) but instead you can simply dedicate 10 spare minutes towards it.

Yoga is definitely not all about getting more flexible or gaining better balance (although of course it helps significantly with them). There is another large aspect of it that I feel sometimes gets overlooked as people assume it’s all about flexibility and balance when they hear the word ‘yoga’.

Yoga is also about being mindful. It’s about taking 10 minutes out of your day to focus on your breathing as you clear your mind and find your inner peace…I know how cheesy that sounds but it’s actually so true. I love the feeling of being peaceful, when you just feel so calm and content with yourself as well as with your life. It’s that feeling when you’re not thinking of anything in particular; you’re just very focused in the moment while being open-minded as you inhale and exhale.

I used to be more of a sporty girl, doing things like soccer, ballet and gymnastics when I was growing up. Now, however, I’m nearly the opposite of this…you won’t find me doing any sports as I guess I’ve just changed a lot in that regard as I’ve grown older. That being said, being healthy is very important to me and I wanted to do something for myself that I can love and be excited about doing every day. Yoga is definitely that thing for me.


Lucy Rebecca x


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