Melbourne, Nov. 2016 ~ Part I

Ohhh how hard it was getting up at 5.20am for my early as flight. I honestly don’t know how some are naturally morning people and I don’t think I’ll ever understand; I can’t seem to get out of bed until 10 or 11am and even then I can’t concentrate before I’ve had tea or coffee. Yeah I’m probably one of the least morning person kind of people you’ll ever meet. Still, it was a quick drive to the airport and by the time we finished checking in our bags it was much lighter outside:


Anyway, hanging out in the international lounge was really cool. I’m not sure if it was the international Koru lounge just for Koru club members or if it was just for everyone (I think the former) but it was so nice and the perfect place to wait before an early flight…or any flight, really. To be honest, I wasn’t too fond of the food as I was expecting a lot more variety but one thing I did appreciate was the new addition of the little café area where you order drinks and they get made so promptly. I was even able to do a little bit of work before we left which was so nice as I was a bit stressed about how much I would be able to get done while over there.


It was a nice surprise to see that they had Pretty Little Liars on the plane – season 6 and 7A to be precise. I was happy to have the excuse of binge-watching PLL for 4 whole hours going there and 3 hours coming back! Although, I was a little surprised that they had these seasons and not any of the previous ones…maybe they’re not recent enough to be added or something?

The hotel was lovely. It was quite big with a floor-to-ceiling window overlooking a quiet little street in which you could see the trams pass by below and a really pretty old building across the road that used to be a train station but has since been made into a hotel. The only kind of annoying thing was that they were in the middle of completely doing up the hotel I was in, bit by bit, so there was very loud construction work going on right above us on the roof. It was pretty hard to get any work done whilst that was happening, but other than that it was a lovely place to stay and probably one of the nicest (if not the nicest) hotel I’ve ever stayed at.


The shopping was amazing! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Sorry but I can’t stress this enough. The last time I went to Melbourne was when I was about 14 and I really couldn’t remember much, so this time round I was seeing all the shops like it was the very first time! I couldn’t believe how many different shopping malls and department stores there were – and all so close to each other! Inside just one of those shopping malls was, like, 5 levels full of the most amazing shops. I’ve never seen anything like it before. I’m not trying to be sad but it actually puts St Lukes to shame…our shopping mall literally looks like nothing compared to everything they have in Melbourne shopping-wise. I couldn’t believe they had a whole entire level just for shoes or handbags! I walked in and immediately felt like I was in heaven!


H&M was in such a beautiful building was columns and marble floors and cute archways, not to mention the stunning decorative ceiling with the many sky lights:


Despite taking over quite a bit of spending money aI’m very pleased with everything I brought. I managed to get some more of my favourite Parsley Seed face wash (200ml this time – I want it to last me a while!) and a beautiful Primrose face moisturiser, also in the biggest size they had. Both were from Aesop, of course, since I simply can’t stay away when I see one of their stores.


Also in my purchases was the Bella Trapeze bag (medium size) from Colette which I’ve wanted for ages and ages but unfortunately the store in St Lukes – or anywhere else in New Zealand for that matter – doesn’t receive much of the stock due to it being an Australian brand, this bag included. Just when I thought I’d have to go without I saw my beloved bag on the top row in the huge Colette store and obviously had to buy it!


And lastly, I brought an off-the-shoulder playsuit from Zara, full of really cute little giraffes. Although that took up the last of my spending money, it was okay because this was brought on our last day in Melbourne and I needed to use up the last of my Australian money anyway.


One of my favourite things to do while in Melbourne is walk around the Yarra River. I had  a couple of days to do my own thing and thankfully it was one of the sunniest and warmest days so far – there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. It was so nice being able to get a Latte and walk down the river side, lying on the huge grassy patch beside it to just basically relax and do my own thing in a place I haven’t been to in years. If I lived in Melbourne I would spend so many days down by the river as it’s just so nice to be able to sit right beside it and have a bit of piece and quiet. It makes me wish that we had a river back in Auckland because I feel like we’re missing out on so many things that Melbourne has, plus the lack of shops back home is a major in my book!


I also found it really nice to explore the arcades opposite the main shopping malls and department stores in the city. I absolutely loved the classic chequered tiled floor, high ceilings, beautiful sky lights and little archways. I remember going upstairs and seeing this gorgeous deep sea-green decorative ceiling with heaps and heaps of glistening lights coming right down from the huge sky light. It was pretty amazing to see in person!


And lastly some other things I loved doing while in Melbourne was sitting down near Federation Square, looking up at the big church across the road, strolling down Degraves St and admiring all the amazing graffiti on the iconic Hosier Lane. There was one piece that I really liked – I actually found it quite hard to stop looking at it. It was of a girl whose eyes were completely black and opaque with black tears running down her cheeks. I don’t know why I liked it so much exactly but it was definitely my favourite of all the amazing graffiti there.


So that concludes my favourite parts of being in Melbourne and just some of what I got up to. I would have loved to take photos of everything but I feel like this post is already quite long and otherwise I would be here all day! I hoped you liked seeing some of the photos of my amazing trip and reading all about it.

I’m going to do a separate post on what I got up to in Ballarat (that will be part II) very soon so keep checking my blog for that!


Lucy Rebecca x

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  1. I would say take advantage of your body clock and work when it is at it’s optimum. I tried to fight my internal clock for many years and finally realized find work that suited my early morning energy.


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