Aesop ~ Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser


thissAlthough our first ever Aesop store has only just opened in Auckland, there was a long time when we had to rely on getting these amazing facial products whilst overseas due to not having a store ourselves!

I had been lucky enough to try the Parsley Seed facial cleanser before (100ml size) as a present brought back for me from Australia. I absolutely love it! It smells absolutely amazing and lasts such a long time – months and months of being used twice daily before it eventually runs out – and I’m talking about the small 100ml size!

When I went back to Melbourne just the other week I knew I had to get more of my beloved Parsley Seed facial cleanser, and because I had used it before and knew it was amazing I was more than happy to pay a little bit extra for the bigger 200ml size. It leaves my skin feeling so soft, refreshed and smelling beautiful every time I use it!

Overall, I absolutely love Aesop products and look forward to trying out more in the future. Although they are on the pricey side, I think it’s important to look after your skin and give it high quality, luxurious products that are going to keep it feeling healthy, clean, soft and refreshed around the clock! Plus they seem to last for absolutely ages so you definitely won’t be rushing back to get more before you need to!


Lucy Rebecca x

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