Aesop ~ Primrose Facial Hydrating Cream


thisThe Primrose hydrating cream caught my eye when I went back to Aesop looking for a nice moisturiser to use after applying the Parsley Seed. My skin is a combination of normal to dry, so I was advised that the Primrose was quite a thick and rich moisturiser, making it a great match for my skin type.

Not only does it moisturise my skin but it leaves it feeling really soft and fresh – perfect for keeping my skin hydrated overnight while I get my beauty sleep! I’ve also noticed that my skin feels significantly less dry since I’ve started using this which is such a nice change from always having those dry places on my face like around my nose and chin.

You only need to use a little bit of this each time you apply it as it’s quite thick and looks like a white-ish cream in the jar. The first time I used it I accidently used applied too much and it took ages to rub it in – now I know to only use a little bit as it goes a really long way!

I love the Primrose hydrating cream and I’m really pleased that I brought it, despite not really knowing anything about it previously or having tried it before. Sometimes I’m a bit hesitant to buy new products because I never know if they’re going to work for my skin or not, but I can confidently say that I’m super happy with this one!


Lucy Rebecca x

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