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I know it’s not the end of the year yet, but I just wanted to say how great this year has been for so many reasons. First of all, after years of feeling confused about what I wanted to do, I got my very first job back in March as a blogger and editor. This is not only an amazing job but it’s also my dream job as it combines creative writing with editing (two thing I love doing). I’m so proud of myself for finally getting this job, after so long of applying for random things and never having any luck or success. I felt deflated for so long and felt like there was nothing out there for me to do.

I have also felt myself get so much stronger, emotionally. This year has not been easy and I’ve felt myself go through heartbreak, heartache, the loss of loved ones along with many other things that are never easy to face. I didn’t actually think I was as strong as I know I am now. It has left me feeling like I know exactly who I am and what I deserve. I’ve also learnt so much about not only other people but also myself. You may think you know everything there is to know about yourself but I bet that’s not true; we’re always discovering new things about our own selves that we didn’t know before.

This year has gone so quickly (I swear each year gets faster and faster until they all begin to blur) but I’m so proud of myself for getting through this year, for getting through all of the tough times and for staying as strong as I am now. I’m also so excited to see what 2017 brings me and what surprises come along that I didn’t see coming. I know there are always ups and down of every year, but I feel confident that I can get through them and come out the other side feeling okay.

Of course I’ll continue to write on here! I love sharing news about my life and talking to everyone who reads my posts. I love knowing that I have so many people here who know me and are there to support me through tough times and tough situations. It’s such a special feeling to receive so much support from people who haven’t even met me in real life – but that they have only read a few of my posts and are still willing to leave such kind and thoughtful comments for me to read. You have no idea how much this means to me and always will do!

This won’t be my last post of the year or anything, but I just felt like making this post to celebrate the end of the year and to welcome 2017, which is only a month away.

I hope you have had a great year as well and I hope you will stay with me through 2017!


Lucy Rebecca x


4 thoughts on “My Thoughts

  1. “This year has gone so quickly” – I can really relate to that feeling! I’m glad to hear that you are able to do a job that you love, that’s such an important thing 🙂 Have a lovely end of the year! x

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