I don’t know why but over the last few months I had been having really bad dreams at night. I used to have the occasional bad dream but lately I’ve been having them a lot more frequently that I ever have before. They’re not even just bad dreams, they’re really scary and quite often pretty disturbing. So much so, that I think about them throughout the next day and over the following weeks because they’re still stuck in my head so vividly.

I always have the same dream. The idea behind it is reoccurring, but some aspects of the dream itself change with each time that I have it. For example, it starts out that I’m at home doing whatever it is that I’m doing. Then there’s someone in my house, like an intruder. The only room in my house with a working lock is the bathroom, so I always end up running and hiding in here, bolting the door shut behind me from the intruder right on the other side. They know I’m in here, so they bang on the door and usually, with some kind of weapon, try to bang it down to get in. They always want to find me, and they always know exactly where I’m hiding in the house.

I’m terrified, and with no other option, I open the bathroom window as wide as it will go and jump out onto the grass below. This is my only escape, and I have to move fast before they burst into the bathroom and see that I’ve gone out the window. Up until now, the dream is always the same in terms of the events that have happened so far.

The part that often changes, however, is where I choose to run. Sometimes I will run across the fence to the house on my left, other times I will run up the driveway towards the road, other times I will run up the street and bang on the door of a brick house on the right, begging them to let me in so I can hide from whoever is in my house and clearly looking for me. Sometimes no one is home and I end up hiding in their garden somewhere, behind a bush or a tree. Sometimes the door opens and they let me in, telling me that I’m safe there and can stay as long as I need to. Sometimes the intruder will find me within minutes, somehow knowing exactly which house I’ve gone to and which I’m hiding in. Other times they will be looking around the garden of the house I’m in, looking for me.

It changes each time I have the dream. What stays the same, though, is that I’m terrified and I feel as though my life is at risk. This person wants to kill me and they will do whatever it takes to find me and see that through.

Another dream I’ve had is that there’s a serial killer. He’s going around, killing each of my friends one by one until I’m the only one left, much like the typical storyline of a horror movie.

Once all my friends are dead, he turns to target my family. He kills my sister and her boyfriend, storing them in a glass case in my bedroom (obviously not there in real life) so that when I walk in one day, I’m greeted with their lifeless bodies and blank faces staring at me from inside this glass case. My parents are next, and you can bet that they are both killed. I’m the only one left…he’s won.

The last dream I had was that my family and I went on a spontaneous trip to America (this would never happen in real life) and we were staying at a fancy hotel that we found, exhausted from the long flights and travel involved to get there in the first place. We watched a movie on TV for a bit, and it like a behind-the-scenes show on how they made a  horror movie. It explained how the characters were supposedly dying of horrible deaths and diseases, like the Plague and horrible skin conditions etc. This was kind of disgusting, so we turned the TV off and went to bed.

Before we said goodnight, though, someone asked what was wrong with my left eye. I looked in the mirror and saw that there was a black cloudiness in the corner of my left eye, so much so that the white part of my eye was turning cloudy and black. This was dismissed, though, and despite the fact that there were heaps of us there, we all ended up sleeping in one big room. It was kind of like the lounge area of a hotel suite, and for some reason we slept in sleeping bags on the floor rather than sleeping in the bedrooms (don’t know what this was about).

I woke up in the night to find the little Japanese boy off The Grudge staring at me. He was pointing at my left eye that was slowly turning black. He had such a bizarre reaction to it, it was like he was possessed and started lunging towards me, lying on top of me trying to get his own black eyes as close to my left one as he could. I was being smothered and soon I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t get him off me. I also couldn’t scream, yell or do anything to wake the others in the room and tell them what was happening. I could speak, but wasn’t able to raise my voice.

When he was pointing at my eye, I kept saying ‘I don’t know what you mean, you need to leave me alone’, trying to act like I didn’t know, but somehow I understood perfectly that he was talking about my eye. He was so pale and his eyes were so black, full of evil and just basically soulless. The way he was pointing at it was like he was telling me that it was a symbol of evil or that I’m evil. I guess because the boy in The Grudge is evil, he started coming at me like he was a magnet to my eye and became possessed. This dream was so vivid that I could actually smell both his hair and face as he was smothering me – it was so distinct.

These are the scariest dreams that I can think of off the top of my head, but I’ve actually had a lot more over the last few months. Although these might sound weird or bizarre to anyone else, they were actually terrifying dreams that had me so scared when I woke up, thinking about it for the rest of the day. I still think about them now, even though the last dream mentioned was close to a week ago and I’ve had other dreams since.

I’m not sure why I’m having all of these bad dreams but it’s really not very pleasant. I’ve never woken up feeling so scared before, close to tears at how vividly I remember parts of the dreams. I remember how terrified I was in the dream, how I felt like I was fighting for my life and how fear just overtook my logical thinking along with everything else. Often in the dreams I feel like I’m being targeted, or hunted down by someone who only wants to hurt and/or kill me, but I never know who they are or get to see their face, so I never know who I’m running from exactly. This idea is always there in the first two dreams mentioned above.

I just wanted to share some of the worst dreams I’ve been having lately. A part of me hopes that by writing about them, I might not dream about them anymore. Maybe they will finally leave me alone so I can stop being scared to go to sleep at night.


Lucy Rebecca x



  1. such vivid dreams. They sound quite horrible. I’m impressed with your recall, my nightmares usually fade through the following day…as do my dreams. It sounds like you’ve got quite the compelling horror series playing in your head.
    I hope they leave you be soon but until they do use you’re creativity and steal inspiration from them for all the sleep they’ve stole from you!


  2. I’ve found if you try make yourself confront what’s scaring you in a dream it can help make it go away! Telling yourself in your dream that it’s not real and telling the attacker that you know they’re not real 🙂

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