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My 21st Birthday

I don’t think I’ve ever celebrated my birthday more than I have with my 21st. And it’s not just the age that’s a big deal; everyone goes out of their way to make it such a memorable and special day for you. It’s safe to say that there were many surprises waiting for me on the 19th May, many of which completely unexpected but so thoughtful and amazing!

It’s kind of like a tradition in my family to get jewellery for your 21st, and I remember when my sister turned 21 we spent quite a while in the shop while she tried different rings on. That was 3 years ago, and all I can say is that time has flown by because all of a sudden it was my turn to pick out jewellery for my 21st.

IMG_8639Of course my favourite jeweller has to be Karen Walker, I have so many of her pieces already and love all the creative designs she comes up with. I picked out a stunning necklace made of sterling silver with delicate, small flowers (blossoms, I believe) in a pretty wreath shape. When I saw that they had the earrings to match, I fell in love and was lucky enough to have this as part of my present as well. I have never seen such beautiful pieces of jewellery in my life and I absolutely love both the necklace and the earrings to bits. They’re so delicate, stunning and feminine that I know I’ll have them forever, get plenty of wear out of them and they’ll always remind me of my 21st birthday.


IMG_8929One of the biggest surprises was a bouquet of flowers that my dad had actually arranged to be delivered to me on my birthday. He moved out of Auckland about 6 months ago, so it wasn’t possible for him to be there on my actual birthday, although I would see him the day after for a belated birthday lunch and coffee (and he might have also brought up one my childhood favourites: ‘Daddy’s Chocolate Cake’). It meant a lot to me that Dad had organised this, especially since I wasn’t going to see him on my actual birthday. It was a bright and colourful array of sunflowers and orange lilies, and might I also add that it was a pretty hefty bouquet; I was struggling to hold it for the photo and it ended up looking almost the same size as me.




Nevertheless, it was a lovely surprise and I wasn’t expecting to receive flowers at all, let alone a huge bouquet like this! Even though it’s 5 days later some of the buds are just starting to open, so it’s lovely to have beside my bed. I put them by the window so that when the afternoon sun catches them they turn a gorgeous shade of bright orange and yellow. I also was given a much smaller bouquet (but equally as beautiful, of course) of deep red tulips, which I also loved. Who doesn’t love being given gifted so many flowers?!




I was getting ready to go out for a birthday lunch in the city, and of course had planned to wear my Karen Walker jewellery with my playsuit (brought especially to wear for my birthday, might I add). Even thought I was expecting the jewellery, I was still so excited to open the box and see them inside. Mum took a photo of me wearing both pieces. Even though I can be really critical of myself in photos and am rather a perfectionist with the way I look, I must admit that I really like this photo of me. It’s one of the few photos where I look genuinely happy and just as excited as I felt!



Mum had been out almost the entire morning getting last minute birthday things for me. Of course I was busy getting ready in my room, straightening my hair and doing my makeup etc., that it was only when I was finally done and came out into the lounge that I saw the classic ’21’ helium balloons by the door. This instantly made me smile because I had been hoping for these; in the past I’ve only ever had the normal, colourful kind of balloons that roll around on the floor. So, seeing these two giant letters made my birthday feel that much more significant and special, even though it might only seem like a small detail to some.




And to end an amazing and memorable birthday, we went out to Moo Chow Chow in Ponsonby for one of the yummiest dinners you can imagine. We only ever go here on very special occasions, and since we moved out of our Ponsonby apartment a few years ago we haven’t been back to this restaurant since. So, as you can imagine I was very excited to be able to go back and order all my favourite things off the menu, just like old times! As my birthday is in autumn, it’s always a bit chilly and this year was no different. For dinner I wore a slinky, light blue bodycon dress with long sleeves and a slight plunge cowl necklace. I felt really nice in it which makes all the difference on your birthday!


Overall I had such a lovely day, I received so many amazing and generous presents from so many people and all the celebrations reminded me that I had finally reached 21. Hopefully it’ll be one of the best years of my life!


Lucy Rebecca x



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