I look up at the sky to see a crack running through a tall, sloped building directly in front of me. It’s only a matter of time before it reaches the top and it’s split in two, the first side already coming away from the rest. I turn my back on it and start sprinting as fast as I can away from the collapsing building, not knowing how far it will reach once it crashes below. I’m caught up in the crowd of people running for their lives, and just as I look over my shoulder I see a second building, much smaller this time, also in the midst of collapsing. A deafening sound follows as the first collides with the pavement around the city centre, pieces scattering all around threatening to wipe out those still fleeing for safety.

I keep running and running, not daring to look over my shoulder again in case I see something equally as frightening. I’ve made it away from the city and onto the nearby beach now, sprinting through the bank of sand dunes stretching all the way across. It’s only when I get far enough away from the dangerous scene that unfolded before my eyes just minutes before that I allow myself to stop running and turn around. When I do, I’m just as shocked as previously, only this time for a different reason. I see crowds of people scattered around the beach, some paddling about in the water and others chatting happily on the sand. What I’m looking at is crowds of people wanting to enjoy this hot and summery weather. No one is running. No one is scared for their lives. Confusion takes over as I attempt to understand what I’m seeing.

Something tells me to go back, to walk back where I’ve just come from. Trusting my head, I do as my thoughts tell me and begin walking back, only this time I walk along the main strip of sand and stay close to the water. It is a hot day, and I’ve run such a long way down the beach that I know it will take me ages to get back to where I was, so I let myself wander towards the shallow waters and keep going until I’m immersed up to my shoulders. Just as I’m looking out to sea, cooling off and telling myself to calm down, I see a dark shadow moving across the waters towards the shore. I can’t make out what it is exactly but it looks somewhat like a giant fish. I pull myself to the side to get out of its path, but nevertheless I still feel it moving past my body as it passes.

I open my eyes to find myself sitting in a reclined chair, much like what you would find in a dentist. The woman standing over me has a face that blurs as she moves and talks to me, so I can’t say for sure if I know who she is or if she is a complete stranger. She stands over me with a syringe in her right hand. She tells me to keep still as she brings it down over my face, telling me it will enter the bridge of my nose. It suddenly hits me that I don’t know where I am or what’s happening, why I’m being injected or what’s even in the injection.

Fear and panic take over me as I try to get out of the chair, only to be pushed back down by another woman holding a syringe. She stays there, pinning me down as she brings her own syringe down on me, directing at my forehead. She tells me that the next will be for my chin, and then my jawline. I feel multiple syringes slicing through my skin at once and mysterious substances entering my bloodstream quicker than I can quite comprehend. This feels very, very wrong and whatever is going on here is dangerous. The only thought that replays in my head is that this is threatening to my well-being and that I need to find a way to get out. This is when reality begins to slip away, the menacing faces above me fade and I’m pulled into a world of blackness.


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