Work Disappointments

I have not written much on my blog lately, mainly because I’ve been quite stressed with work over the last few months. As a passionate writer, I’m extremely disappointed that things at work are not how they used to be, meaning I’m not able to write or publish my own content anymore. This was a key aspect of my work that I loved and felt so lucky to have found a job which allowed me to do this, but since this has not been part of my work anymore I’ve really felt quite uninspired, unmotivated and not all that creative lately. Had it been up to me, I would have continued writing and producing my own content every single day, but unfortunately I don’t have this kind of control or authority over what I do and don’t do for work.

Another part of my work (which I was equally as passionate about) which has since stopped completely was the management aspect. For nearly an entire year I was working with the community on the website (this is just a fancy word for all the hundreds of writers who produced posts on the website from all over the world), managing their content and this aspect of the website. This was really when my role as an editor came in, as every day I was editing and tweaking their content, photo editing and much more for promotional purposes.

Basically, I was in charge of promoting great community posts and showcasing them on the website, so that our audience could see quality content written by people from all over the world. Because I started out writing in the community myself, I could relate to these writers a lot and hence was very passionate about helping them with their writing, finding ways in which they could improve, inspiring and motivating them to continue producing posts, promoting their best work as well as giving them general writing advice. Of all the employees, I was the only writer who had started from within the community itself, so I was so grateful to be asked to take on this responsibly and to be given this role.

It wasn’t always an easy job, but I was dedicated to making a difference with the community of writers and loved every second of helping these individual people, communicating with them and getting to know them through their writing.

At times there were some backlash from the writers as they struggled to agree with some of my decisions as an editor, and I had various nasty words thrown at me as some tried to get me into trouble for simply doing my job and doing as the role required. However unpleasant, this is to be expected when communicating with a wide range of people from around the world who don’t know you personally, and it certainly doesn’t help that all of this is done online, meaning anyone can sit behind a computer, type nasty and hurtful comments and bring a downright negative attitude to the table. This is when you have to really understand what it means to be professional as well as to not take this kind of thing personally, as difficult as this might be at times.

However, this role started to change as the co-founder was looking to take the community in a new direction (a term which I’ve heard time and time again but which I still struggle to understand the exact meaning of), and was shortly taken over completely by a few other editors. Based on how things had been going over the past few months, I saw this coming but felt very disappointed when it finally happened nonetheless. Mainly I just felt a bit sad for my role to come to an end, to not be able to have that contact with other writers on the website that I tried to help every day, but to also receive no recognition whatsoever for the hard work and effort that I constantly put into the community over the year that I was working on it and doing the best that I could to make it a success and point of difference from similar websites for aspiring writers out there. I really believe that I helped to make the community a positive space for like-minded writers to produce inspiring and uplifting content that inspired our huge readership, mainly young women, from all over the globe, and I received a great amount of positive feedback from the writers themselves in the time that I had this role. Of course, not everyone could see it from my perspective and claimed that the community wasn’t thriving or succeeding as it should have been, which I still disagree with as every single day I saw great results from the approach that I was taking.

I’m incredibly sad to think about how for a while there I had three jobs that made up my workload: writing, editing and managing. The former and the latter are no longer there, however, so all I’ve left with is a bit of editorial work which comes sparingly over the course of an entire month, making up an extremely small and unideal income which I can’t afford to live off if I wasn’t still living at home. I’m 21 years old now, and just like anyone else my age I’m starting to understand the significance of supporting oneself financially and to actively seek out ways to do this for the sake of one’s future. It saddens me that I’ve worked hard over the last year and a half and yet as of right now I most likely couldn’t move out if I wanted to or afford to flat or pay my own bills. I know this may seem like a personal thing to write about on here but I’m just being completely honest with myself and with you, as you know I always will be. I don’t have a problem expressing my concerns, doubts, disappointments or anything along these lines if it means I’m putting my true and honest self forward at the end of the day. That’s all I have to say for now, and I can’t wait for the day that something better comes along.


Lucy Rebecca x



  1. I totally understand how it feels when we were passionate about our work but it no longer feels that way.

    I was previously as a content editor for a social media app. The first year was fun, daily articles were fun and managing the online community was fun. Eventually, things getting pretty much stagnant because the business development team no longer focusing on our growth. The app slowly went auto pilot and my daily tasks are just something that I have to do instead of something I like to do.

    After two years working, I couldn’t take it anymore. Pitching ideas but no one is willing to take the risks. So, I quit eventually. It was fun but became a drag somehow.

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    1. This sounds so similiar to my situation! I can totally relate to this and I’m sorry something similiar happened to you too 😦 it certainly is disappointing when it starts out great but is downhill from there. Thanks for sharing this Ally x

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