One month to go until the beginning of a new year! I couldn’t be more happy than to start afresh and leave the past in the past, quite frankly. Although I’ve had a pretty good year on the whole, there are of course a few things which I would like to leave behind and prefer not to revisit again anytime soon.

I’m not going to lie, I have been feeling rather uninspired lately. I feel like we, as writers, often go through these periods where no thoughts come to us and we lack a certain creative energy to make a full blog post full of enthusiasm, thought and passion. Personally I’m not someone who will write for the sake of writing. The main issue I have with doing this is that I’m probably not going to be very passionate or enthusiastic about my content, and to me that seems a little pointless. I would say I’m more someone who only writes when they have something to say, or share, because I like to give my writing purpose and know that it deserves a place on my blog/website. That is why sometimes I will go through periods of not posting anything, and to me that seems fairly justified in that respect.

I have a tendency to feel most inspired at the start of a new year, and that’s one of the reasons why I’m looking forward to 2018 so much, not so much at the end of an old year. Even though that fresh inspiration wears off after a while (usually towards the middle of year usually for me), I love the feeling of not knowing what the new year will be full of and thinking of all the ways that I can make it the best and most worthwhile as it can be.

My year has been full of great highs and pretty low lows. At times throughout I felt the happiest I’ve felt in a long time, and yet other times I’ve felt pretty miserable and like my confidence has suffered a wee bit. But, the one thing that I can truly say is that I’ve done a lot of things for myself this year that I wouldn’t have done in the past (or if I had it would have been with great hesitance) and that I’m truly proud of myself for everything I’ve done this year on the whole. I made the most of the best times and helped myself through the worst times, and that is something that can be quite a bit harder than it sounds.

I can’t believe Christmas is in less than a month, already! This time last year (well, nearly) we were preparing for the huge 9 hour drive to Wellington on Christmas Eve so that we could spend Christmas day with family. This year I’m looking forward to having a Christmas in Auckland – something we haven’t done in quite a few years – and it will nice not having to travel and just sit back and enjoy a summery Christmas here. Plus, this also means that we’ll actually be able to have a Christmas tree! The last couple of years we haven’t bothered because we’ve always been away over that period and figured it would just die before we’re back…but not this year! I’m super excited to decorate the tree and wrap all our fairy lights around it, looking at its colourful glow every warm December night.

We have a huge box of Christmas decorations that dates back to God knows when, full of stuff my mum decorated her tree with when she was little to stuff my sister and I made at school during that festive time of year (they’re not the most aesthetically pleasing decorations you’ve ever seen but they hold a certain sentimental value so we use them anyway). My favourite decoration, which doesn’t go on the tree but is more to put on a table somewhere in your house, is a cute miniature wooden family which each sit in a walnut of different sizes. There’s about 6 of them and you line all of them up together in order of their age (grandparents, parents, children and then baby in the smallest walnut at the end). Random, I know, but this has always been my job and I’ve grown fond of finding a good place to put them on display in our house each year.

I hope everyone reading this has had a great year and has a lovely Christmas to look forward to!


Lucy Rebecca x

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