Can’t believe this is my first blog post of 2018! A part of me is excited just to have made it this far; every year I feel like I get so caught up in everything that’s going on that I think surely I’m not going to make it to the end.

I know this sounds super cliché but I honestly want this year to be a fresh start for me in many ways. Firstly, I want to start looking after myself better in an emotional sense. This is one area which I feel I end up lacking in, which means I just need to try harder and make more of a commitment to myself to actually actively do it. There has been way too many times when I’ve let myself fall into this state of sadness and wallowing, where I let everything get to me, including a whole lot of negatively.  I know this is easier said than done, as I think many other people struggle with this as well, but I need to remember that I’m here to look after myself and I have to make myself a priority when need be for the sake of my own sanity. This means putting less of a focus on other people and more on myself, as often I have a tendency to put certain people, or certain types of people (most of whom don’t deserve it), before myself and it never works out for me, as you can probably guess.

I also want to start planning my future, and spend a decent amount of the year considering and preparing for what I want to achieve and what I want my life to be. I’ve already started giving it some serious thought, and what age I’d like to be when I focus on that area of my life. As you might know, I’m an extremely thoughtful and organised person so it’s very typical of me to plan these things well in advance, no matter how far into the future they actually are. Lots of people say you should just live in the moment and take every day as it comes, etc etc, but what about for people who are planners? This approach is not going to work if that’s how you are, at least for me it isn’t. I think it makes life a little bit easier to have a plan and to know what you want ahead of time so that you know where you’re at and where your focus needs to be.

My third ‘new year’s resolution’, I guess you could call it, is to write more. I know I’ve been slacking in the last six months or so. Mainly this was because those were some really hard months for me and I was taking some time to tend to myself, but I’d like to leave that in 2017 and keep my writing positive and uplifting, with the exception of a few times when I might like to just write about what’s going on and what’s bothering me. I would also like to get more confidence with sharing my writing with other people, because despite having this blog (more like an online diary) I consider myself to be quite a private person and I actually keep a lot to myself.

I hope you’re having a fab start to the new year as well!


Lucy Rebecca x

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