There is little to no logic when it comes to love. I mean, love is a feeling, not a thought. Thoughts can be explained and justified; they are logical because they make sense to us and our mind. Maybe this is because the entire left side of our brain is thought to be logical and factual, which is what might tell us that love needs to ‘make sense’ in order for it to be real and accepted by ourselves.

In reality, love can’t always be explained. Love doesn’t always make sense. Love isn’t always logical. Love can’t be measured with a logical concept such as time. As humans we fall in love but dismiss the idea, telling ourselves that it can’t be real because not enough time has passed for it to possibly be love that we’re feeling. This is our mind, our logical side to be more specific, trying to tell us that what we’re feeling in our heart is wrong because it contradicts the concept of logic. This is just another example of the age-old battle between our head versus our heart, our thoughts versus our feelings.

The point that I’m trying to make is that you can fall in love at any point in your life, as many of us have. If you ask yourself why you love a particular person, you won’t always be able to give a thorough explanation or a logical answer for it because some feelings simply cannot be explained. They are exactly that, feelings. Hence, you can’t really expect for someone on the outside to understand why you love that particular person, because they don’t share that same feeling for them as you do; you are the only one who’s feeling it and therefore you are the only one who can relate to feeling that way.

I don’t think anyone really knows or understands why the heart wants what it wants, or why it decides to fall for one person over another. Usually we only know the way we feel after it has already decided and become a done deal. It could be argued that we should have a right to tell it who to fall for, but ultimately it will always decide who we give our heart to and encourage us to then follow its wishes.

I think it’s a beautiful thing when love is mutually shared between two individuals. If you think about it, it’s kind of crazy to think that the person your heart chooses and encourages you to love also has their heart making them feel the same way about you. It happens all the time, but what are the chances that those two people both fall for each other, over anyone else? The fact that those two people’s hearts are ultimately making them feel the same way about each other is a not only a really beautiful and special part of life, but of connecting with another on such a deep, personal and emotional level in a way that only the two of them can feel and understand. Love is not something that should be taken for granted; even in its most basic form we would be nowhere without it. You might even say that we are love.


Lucy Rebecca x

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