Yin & Yang

You and I are like Yin and Yang
The grenade that goes off with a loud bang
So caught up in proving we’re right
That we’re both so quick to put up a fight
We argue and squabble for days on end
Praying the other will be the first to bend
We each want to prove that we are strong
That we had the right idea all along
I’m ready to put an end to this war
I simply don’t want to fight anymore
You and I are not meant to be
Because you are not the one for me.


1 Comment

  1. These daily battles consume us. Seeking a couple counselling (if you are a couple already) comes to my mind first. However, if its the initial stage and one is just getting too much, then parting peacefully (even if not happily) is the best way out of this miserable situation for both of you.


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