Is anyone else still so confised as to how we’re already one day into the new year? I struggle with this every single year, while simultaneously feeling thankful that I can leave behind some of the not-so-pleasant times behind and start afresh, in a sense. Even so there were many amazing parts that made 2018 a great year, and like always, it taught me a lot. Here are 5 things I learnt in 2018 (and which hopefully I’ll remember):

1. It’s okay to be vulnerable (and yourself):

Last year was the first year that I started sharing my writing with people I know, as well as with a large audience with whom I didn’t. I got into the habit of reading out some of my blog posts as well as sharing new ones which I had just written that day or recently. As many other writers will probably agree, a lot of vulnerability goes into our writing, especially when we’re discussing our lives or something that’s personal to us. Hence, sharing these pieces of writing was not easy for me and it took a while to fully believe that it’s okay to be vulnerable, to be yourself, to let others see who you are, even if it is through your writing.

2.  It’s okay to trust:

It’s true that we don’t know for certain if we can trust someone, but it’s okay to have hope. It’s okay to have faith in them, believe the best in them and learn to give them the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes they will prove you wrong, let you down and that trust will be broken, but sometimes it won’t. Sometimes there will be those people who will not break your trust, and who value your trust…and I know they exist because I am one of them.

3. Back yourself, no matter what:

There were so many moments, or times, in 2018 when I was going through a rough patch and began to doubt myself. I had to make some important decisions for myself at the time, and although I was scared I might have been making a mistake or choosing wrongly, I remembered how important it is to trust yourself, trust your decisions and back yourself throughout it all.

4. You are so much more than your insecurities:

For the second half of the year, some of my insecurities rose to the surface which I can only guess have been lying dormant for a long time. It was not easy, but I found some really helpful advice for how to beat those inner insecurities that threaten to ruin anything good in your life. Remember that you are more than insecurities and that negative voice inside your head always ready to ruin whatever good thing you have going on. Remind yourself of what’s real and factual vs what’s in your head, especially if you’re anything like me and tend to confuse one for the other, or assume it must be true if you’re thinking it.

5. Sometimes, things do work out:

There’s a first time for everything, it turns out! For the first time I feel like something actually worked out for me instead of blowing up in my face (probably not entirely true, but you get my point). It turns out that sometimes things do work out, there is such thing as a good thing and that when you have it, you will know it. All I can say is hold onto it as tightly as you can; if you have even a slither of a chance of living your happily ever after, it will always be worth it.


Lucy Rebecca x

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