I wish we were able to walk down to the ocean and feel our problems take their heavy weight off our shoulders, falling to the soft sand below with a hefty thud. With our eyes closed, we would hear the waves crash onto the shore and reach the tips of our toes, while the sharp coldness would send a shiver running up our spines.

We would feel the gentle breeze play with our hair, sending strands dancing in the air around our composed face. The warm sunlight would creep out from behind a silky cloud and warm our milky, smooth skin to keep us warm from the contrasting coldness at our feet. Eventually, we would hear the gentle waves begin drawing their way back into the ocean, wrapping our problems up tightly in its safe arms before carrying it back into the depths of the endless ocean beyond us.

Suddenly it would become silent and that’s when we would open our eyes. Immediately we would notice how much lighter we feel, as though we could stand on tippy-toes and be lifted into the air as we twirl and play with our friend, Wind. We would walk back up the beach watching our feet slowly disappearing into the soft grains of sand, before taking one last look to where we were just a second ago. We look for our problems, but they are long gone, already at sea where the waves are taking care of them.