Salty tears spill over the edge of your eyelids and roll down your cheeks, creating a wet trail through your fresh foundation. Peering at yourself in the mirror, you see smudges of mascara under your gloomy eyes and a pile of long, tousled hair that has been caught in the unforgiving wind and rain.

You hastily brush the tears away with the back of your hand, but it’s pointless as more continue to take their place. You can’t win, and you feel silly for even trying. They stop at your chin before dropping onto the pillowcase beneath you.

Your bones feel so incredibly weak, as though you’re paper thin and it would only take a small touch for you to crack and break apart under pressure. With this thought in mind, you roll onto your back and wrap your arms around your fragile waist. Feeling the outline of your ribcage, you wonder if there will be anything left of you by tomorrow. Will you still be in one piece or will the only resemblance of yourself be little, tiny shards scattered across your bed?

When you close your eyes the tears eventually subside. They are replaced with fatigue to the point where you could fall asleep any second now. It’s not often an insomniac feels this way and it makes a pleasant change that you welcome with open arms. You lose yourself in pure, peaceful darkness as you find solace that is worlds away from reality.