Hold my heart with gentle hands. It’s fragile, and like crystal, would smash if dropped.

My heart falls from your careless hands. It splits into a thousand tiny pieces, scattering in every direction. The ugly, broken shards used to make up a hopeful heart. Now it is broken and destroyed.

Don’t pick up the pieces. Don’t slide each small fragment back together again. Don’t pretend to fix something you don’t care about. You’ve done enough damage.

Turn around and walk away. Let me watch you walk away, leaving me with my broken heart on the ground. Let me pick up the pieces. Let me blame myself for everything that went wrong. Let me cry myself to sleep at night for a long time to come. Lastly, let me try to forget until your memory becomes an empty, blank space in the back of my mind.

A heart made of delicate crystal is now tainted from your touch.