You’re toxic. I can’t breathe when I’m around you; the air becomes so thick and polluted that I feel like I’m in a constant state of suffocation. You bring negativity and destruction into my life and watch as they turn my life upside down. You bring my comfortable, secure state into a world full of doubts, misery and suffering.

The world was once white, full of beautiful light colours reflecting fragments of a rainbow. Birds were chirping and the sun was out, warming everything in sight in its strong rays of sunlight. I immersed myself in this vibrant world, every day grateful for the happiness that filled my mind, body and soul.

Then you crept into my life like a dark storm, rolling across the sky while you waited for the perfect moment to release an array of rain, thunder and lightning. And like a true storm, the sky became dark and everything under it dull and grey. Colour slowly drained away until my world became insipid, followed by the darkest shade of misery.

You chose the perfect time to release the storm, raining over me, not daring to stop until I was soaked. You wanted me to feel just as miserable as you, and for a while it worked. You drew the tears out of my eyes, insecurities and doubt out of my heart, before turning to walk away.

My heart absorbed your toxicity, leaving it black with poison.