Kiss me with venomous lipsSqueeze my heart until it dripsDisappoint me, just like the restAfter proving yourself to be the best Now I leave you where you standGiving myself the upper handI’ll take what is rightfully mineHaving finally found my spine Freeing myself from your graspI slowly slip from your tight claspYour mistake was letting me goThinking […]


Is anyone else still so confised as to how we’re already one day into the new year? I struggle with this every single year, while simultaneously feeling thankful that I can leave behind some of the not-so-pleasant times behind and start afresh, in a sense. Even so there were many amazing parts that made 2018 […]


Try to maintain your composureAs the ocean swallows you wholeIts fingers pulling you closerAs it begins to absorb your soul The way it whispers in your earTells you it means no harmThat there is nothing left to fearAnd now you’re in the calm Soon your sense of self will fadeBinding you togetherDon’t be afraid when it starts […]