One pair of heavy footsteps make their way up four steps and walk steadily across the front deck, followed by an intrusive pounding on the front door. I don’t know who it is or what they want, but I do know I’m in grave danger. Leaping up off my bed, I lunge into the hallway […]


Thousands of hands hold their gripInch by inch you feel yourself slipOne by one they pull you through darknessDeeper you go, into the starkness Falling through the thick blanket of nightGrasping at thin air, your body turns lightAs you enter a place that is primarily statelessYou will see what it means to be truly weightless When you […]


Walking down the road I can feel the wind on my face before twirling with strands of my hair, sending them dancing. The sharp coolness of the air that swoops in once the sun goes down is already here, leaving my face achey and cold. I wrap my arms around me to keep warm but […]


Pull me closeUntil my heart starts to poundHold me tightUntil together we are bound  You pull me inLike the tide to the oceanIt must be a sinHow I adore this notion I’m falling for youFaster than I ever thoughtI’m falling into your armsI need to be caught I need your feelings to mirror mineFor our romantic wishes to alignFor […]


You’re toxic. I can’t breathe when I’m around you; the air becomes so incredibly polluted. You bring negativity and destruction into my life and you watch as they turn my world upside down. You bring my comfortable, secure state into a world full of doubts, tears, misery and suffering.


When you look outside all you see is jagged, shards of glass scattered in every direction on the concrete ground. You don’t know why they’re there, and although a part of you wants to find out, another part of you tells you that you won’t like what you see once you do. The sight is ugly with pieces of sharp […]