I wish I could tell you exactly how I felt, without worrying that you might run away, get freaked out or distance yourself from me. These are the fears that, on a daily basis, tell me to keep my feelings to myself and that sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry. Continue reading “Fervent”


All I wanted was to be given a chance. We all deserve that even if nothing else, right? A chance for each of us to make someone we truly care about happy. A chance to prove them wrong and show them how different it could be to what they had imagined. A chance to not only show them what happiness can look like, but also to ourselves.

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Pull me close

Until my heart starts to pound

Hold me tight

Until together we are bound


You pull me in

Like the tide to the ocean

It must be a sin

How I adore this notion


I’m falling for you

Faster than I ever thought

I’m falling into your arms

I need to be caught


I need your feelings to mirror mine

For our romantic wishes to align

For there to be an obvious sign

That I’m the only one you pine




I know I’m not supposed to be thinking about you. I know I’m not supposed to be wondering what your life is like now, who’s in it or what you’re currently going through. I know I’m not supposed to be thinking about everything that happened, or replaying it all in my head. I’m not supposed to be going over all the events that lead up to this temporary end with you. I’m not supposed to be thinking about how it all affected me and in which ways, but the truth is I can’t help any of it. A part of me is full of curiosity.

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Standing at a fork in the road, it can be hard to know what path you should walk down as well as what waits for you at the end. This is it: it’s either all of nothing. Now is the time when you have to decide whether you’re in or out, and you don’t have long to make this decision. So what are you supposed to do for the best?

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Someone asked me a question the other day, and I found myself unable to give them an answer. This doesn’t happen very often, as even though I’m shy and introverted most of the time I can usually come up with something to say, even in a difficult situation. But this was different. The question they asked me was one that I had never stopped to think about. Believe me, more often than not I’m over-thinking a situation, considering all the aspects, analysing it by nature and finally, coming to a conclusion or answer. But not this time…not about this.

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How refreshing it is having a new perspective, a new mindset and a new focus. I guess when you think the same way about something for such a long time it becomes all too familiar. I had forgotten how good it felt to re-focus and how exciting and fresh that can be.

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The thing with always talking to a kind, warm and caring person is that you become accustomed to it quicker than you might realise. Sure, their kind nature seems noticeable at first but a couple of years down the line you’d come to expect this from them, right? So what happens when that person fades out of our life and we find ourselves having to meet new people and actually be surprised every now and again because we don’t know them and therefore we don’t know what to expect?

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The scariest part of loving someone is when you feel like you don’t have control over your feelings anymore. It’s like it develops inside of you and is so quick to take over, snatching the control you once had from your hands without a second thought. You feel like you’re on a roller-coaster that you never stops and therefore you can never get off, even if you wish you could when it gets to be too much.

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