You and I are like Yin and Yang
The grenade that goes off with a loud bang
So caught up in proving we’re right
That we’re both so quick to put up a fight
We argue and squabble for days on end
Praying the other will be the first to bend
We each want to prove that we are strong
That we had the right idea all along
I’m ready to put an end to this war
I simply don’t want to fight anymore
You and I are not meant to be
Because you are not the one for me.


Try to maintain your composure
As the ocean swallows you whole
Its fingers pulling you closer
As it begins to absorb your soul
The way it whispers in your ear
Tells you it means no harm
That there is nothing left to fear
And now you’re in the calm
Soon your sense of self will fade
Binding you together
Don’t be afraid when it starts to pervade
There is nothing left to endeavour.