Melbourne 2017

I had such a nice time being back in Melbourne, and even though we only went for the usual week I was able to do so much while I was there. If there is one place that I’ll always be excited to keep going back to, it’s Melbourne. I just feel that it’s such an amazing city, there’s so much to do and it always seems to have a really positive and upbeat vibe. Continue reading “Melbourne 2017”

Northland: Coopers Beach, Cable Bay, Kerikeri & Mangonui

Last week we drove up to Northland and stayed in Coopers Beach: a gorgeous place right next to our last visit to Cable Bay. We drove to different places during the week, stopping by Kerikeri river to visit the Stone store and the Mission Hou0se built back in 1822. We also drove to Cable Bay and had a lovely day lying on its golden sand while looking up at the clear blue sky. One place we went back to a few times was Mangonui, a cute town pretty famously known for its yummy fish and chips. Across the road was a cute little café tucked away behind a white picket fence, looking out to stunning views of the ocean just across the road. Overall it was such a lovely holiday and I can’t wait to go back next summer!

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Melbourne, Nov. 2016 ~ Part II

Ballarat was probably one of the cutest little towns I’ve ever been to. Even though we were only there for an afternoon it kind of reminded me of a ghost town because it was just so quiet – even the buses made hardly any noise. It’s the kind of place that doesn’t seem to have many (or any) main roads, so it’s just all little quiet streets with no traffic and not many people around. It’s so different to Auckland in that sense.


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Melbourne, Nov. 2016 ~ Part I

Ohhh how hard it was getting up at 5.20am for my early as flight. I honestly don’t know how some are naturally morning people and I don’t think I’ll ever understand; I can’t seem to get out of bed until 10 or 11am and even then I can’t concentrate before I’ve had tea or coffee. Yeah I’m probably one of the least morning person kind of people you’ll ever meet. Still, it was a quick drive to the airport and by the time we finished checking in our bags it was much lighter outside:


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Arena di Verona, Verona

IMG_3766Verona was one of the most beautiful and romantic places I’ve ever been. It was so special to see Romeo & Juliet’s famous balcony (Casa di Giulietta) with the stunning bronze statue underneath in the courtyard. Arena di Verona reminded me of a smaller version of the Colosseum in Rome and I remember how there was hardly anyone inside, so I took my time walking all the way around the top while I looked down at the gorgeous parts of Verona underneath. I felt like I could see everything from up there and despite an icy wind breathing its cold breath down my neck, I wanted to stay up there forever because for once I was living one of my daydreams

San Marco, Venice


Nearly two years ago I was exploring the beautiful cobbled streets of Venice, getting lost in the serene canals with delicate gondolas gliding under each small bridge that I passed over. Although it was mostly 0 – 5 degrees most days (leaving New Zealand during its hottest month only to be plunged into the middle of Europe’s bitter winter), it was such an amazing place to be that I couldn’t help but smile at how lucky I felt to be there and to finally appeal to my insanely wanderlust mind that often spends its days daydreaming of being somewhere like Venice. I remember sitting in San Marco on my last day, looking up at the beautiful St Mark’s Basilica bathed in golden rays of sunlight, and only wishing that I could bottle up everything that is Venice and take it back with me to New Zealand