Slinking down the midnight street
The moon is high and the air tastes sweet
A deafening silence calls my name
Enticing me to play its game
One foot in front of the other,
Soon I’m greeted by another
An apparition – perhaps a shadow
Standing alone, its head hung low
An ominous smirk from ear to ear
Makes my blood turn cold with fear
Boney fingers with a relentless grasp
Trap me in the devil’s clasp. 


In a vivid world that never ends
Time is warped and image bends
Colours are sharp, while lines blur
Uncertainty lies in what will occur
Paralysed in a mental state
Creativity starts to infiltrate
A new reality, uncontrolled
Imagination takes a hold
Cryptic messages everywhere
Hidden meanings turn to fear
We perceive we’re under attack
Yet it’s our reflection staring back.


An act so bold, that only the best
Could pluck my heart from my chest
And carry it round wherever they go
Leaving me to blindly follow
Seeds of doubts creep in my head
Important words left unsaid
Deafening silence threatens to enter
And find its way to the very centre
Silence is golden, ignorance is bliss
I underestimate the strength of a kiss
Time slips by, a passing shadow
With all logic thrown out the window.


Kiss me with venomous lips
Squeeze my heart until it drips
Disappoint me, just like the rest
After proving yourself to be the best
Now I leave you where you stand
Giving myself the upper hand
I’ll take what is rightfully mine
Having finally found my spine
Freeing myself from your grasp
I slowly slip from your tight clasp
Your mistake was letting me go
Thinking I would stay tomorrow.


Only you make those butterflies flutter
So deep inside me, my heart melting like butter
You’re everything I want, and so much more
It’s you I can’t help but adore
You always protect me and keep me safe
Showing me how to take a leap of faith
The way you make my heart skip a beat
Tells me I’m ready to admit defeat
Sweeping me off my feet like a charmer
You’re truly my knight in shining armour
I’m living the essence of a fairytale
Waiting for the moment when you lift my veil.


You and I are like Yin and Yang
The grenade that goes off with a loud bang
So caught up in proving we’re right
That we’re both so quick to put up a fight
We argue and squabble for days on end
Praying the other will be the first to bend
We each want to prove that we are strong
That we had the right idea all along
I’m ready to put an end to this war
I simply don’t want to fight anymore
You and I are not meant to be
Because you are not the one for me.


Try to maintain your composure
As the ocean swallows you whole
Its fingers pulling you closer
As it begins to absorb your soul
The way it whispers in your ear
Tells you it means no harm
That there is nothing left to fear
And now you’re in the calm
Soon your sense of self will fade
Binding you together
Don’t be afraid when it starts to pervade
There is nothing left to endeavour.