When I was younger there were plenty of people who didn’t treat me very well. People who abused me (both physically and emotionally), people who threatened my life and aimed to belittle me to make me feel weak and inferior. I was too young to know how to separate myself from these people, and so as a result I […]

Part 2

The councillor suggested that I spent some time with Dad, simply because the relationship I had with him was suffering due to everything happening with Tori. She suggested that Dad and I make dinner together one night, just him and I, in his house. Of course this meant that Tori would have to leave the […]

Part 1

When your parents divorce while you’re fairly young it can be difficult to accept what’s going on, what’s changing and how it’s all going to affect you. They may sit you down and tell you that it’s not your fault and you mustn’t think you did anything wrong, and while this may be true, no […]