Why can’t we all be honest and admit that we feel insecure sometimes? Why can’t we take a deep breath and say what we’ve been struggling with lately or even our whole lives? I don’t think it’s right that in society we feel pressured to ‘cover up’ our insecurities in order to pretend that we’re completely carefree […]


Not giving that part of myself to anyone feels good, it truly does. No one can hurt me with it or use it against me. Maybe that seems paranoid, but it’s true that trust has to be earned and until that happens, you’re better off keeping them at arms length until they prove they can […]


When you look outside all you see is jagged, shards of glass scattered in every direction on the concrete ground. You don’t know why they’re there, and although a part of you wants to find out, another part of you tells you that you won’t like what you see once you do. The sight is ugly with pieces of sharp […]


I don’t know why but one of my biggest insecurities is being abandoned by other people. You might say I’m only young at 20 years old, but I’ve been through so many experiences where people have slowly began to slip away and I’ve tried to hold on tighter than ever. I can’t help it either; it’s just my natural […]


It’s 2016 and social media is absolutely everywhere. If there’s one thing that’s pretty hard (if not impossible) to escape it’s the huge presence of social media and the roles that it plays in our lives. Of course there are amazing things that social media gives us, but I think that spending so much of our time on social […]


Do secrets tear relationships apart? None of us are perfect; we all have a closet full of skeletons that we’ve gathered over the course of our life. So at what point to secrets become toxic to a relationship and at what point do we need to be brave and share our secrets for all the good […]


I’m such a hopeless romantic. I love those movies where the guy always gets the girl, and the final scene is always of them kissing as the camera zooms away, the happy music appears and the credits begin to scroll up the screen. There’s something so desirable and beautiful about a happy ending; I think it’s […]