It’s ten past midnight and I’m thinking of you. I’m wondering what you are doing and where you are, and of course if you’re thinking about me. I wonder if you think of me each late night, around the time that we used to talk and be there for each other. This is the time […]


My mind is made up. I’ve decided to fight my feelings for you because I feel like I don’t have a choice. The way things have turned out, after everything that has happened over the last four years, has left me with no other option. I can’t continue doing this will you anymore, it’s breaking […]


I can’t hear you, I can’t feel you and I can’t get through to you. It feels like you’re standing right in front of me, but a dense ocean stretches between us and keeps us separated. You have your back to me, you’re looking at something far away that I can’t see. I can’t reach […]


It can be incredibly scary once someone truly gets to know us. I’m not talking about knowing what we like to do on the weekends or what our favourite colour is, none of those trivial facts about ourselves. I mean when you’ve been talking to someone and over a long period of time you’ve told […]